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December 22, 2011

The world must be ending - Panda is posting!

I bet you came here to check out Xanthe's amazing minis/blind bags/patterns and everything else in the world (because she is great, you know).  Sucka.  You're stuck with me for the moment. 

I know - you're probably a little bummed, but hey - I'm not so bad. Xanthe has poked and prodded me to post on what is supposed to be our MUTUAL blog for patterns, crafts, arts and other awesome crap... so here I am!

I'm working on a few crochet patterns -- and I have a really easy one that would be great for beginners or people who want to make a quick scarf for someone.  :)   I'm going to try to go into different, bolder directions and make ones that have a more obviously Poni flavor to them, but this one starts out as a Packers one for my friend.

It's really simple -- pick out two yarns (I used worsted weight myself, and I think that bulky would look really nice and classy, too) that you would like to use. 

I used:
Vanna's Choice:  Mustard   and   Premier yarns: Dream:  Balsam

Hook size:  I used the blue hook... which is called...H.  (I know my hooks by color)
Pattern itself?  Super easy:


ch = chain
dc = double crochet

Step 1
:     Ch 23 (or as wide as you want it +3), dc in the 4th ch from the hook; dc across (should be 20)
Step 2:     Ch2, turn, dc across.   <--- Do this 8 more times.
Step 3:     Switch colors of yarn.  (There are several tutorials on youtube or the internet in general.  I'll link to a couple if necessary)
(I personally made mine to have 21 blocks total, but hey - it's your scarf.  Do what you want.)
Step 4:     The last thing I did was cut 40 pieces of yarn and made a fringe.  I personally put one of each color and just put the hook through a dc, pulled both pieces (in the middle) through and made a knot with the hook.  :)

I'll add some pics, but I thought I'd get this up before I forgot. (I'm kind of prone to that)

Also - let me know if this sounds super confusing or lame or whatever.  I'm new to writing patterns that need more than just ME to understand.  Tak!


December 17, 2011

Newest completion - The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

They're done!

They're finally done.

I present to you...the Cutie Mark Crusaders!

These little buggers have taken me far longer than I had expected, but they're done now and their commissioner loves them, which is what's important!

Here's Apple Bloom. She was made by heavily modifying a Twilight Sparkle figure.

Scootaloo is made from a Rainbow Dash, with her wings removed and new ones sculpted on.

Sweetie Belle was also made from a Rainbow Dash. All those stripes were a pain.

Keep an eye up for new commission information after Christmas!

December 10, 2011

My Little Pony - Christmas/Winter wear

Hello, my bronies!

I have been silent and busy with projects as of late, but today I bring you not only my first original crochet pattern, but a pattern meant for G4 My Little Pony brushable toys! Much to my surprise, it also seems to fit Little Pet Shop figures - at least it fit the kitty I used in place of an Earth Pony!

If you want to make it for an LPS animal, you can skip the ear-holes if the animal does not have them.

Hook this on Ravelry!

For this project, I recommend using hook F5.
For the main yarn, I highly recommend using Red Heart Shimmer, as I have exclusively used it. It is flexible and fits tightly together, to allow for it to fit on brushable My Little Ponies. For trim, suggested yarns are Red Heart Buttercup, Bernat Pipsqueak, or Bernat Boa. Any fuzzy yarn could be really great though!

1: Chain 18 and join into round
2: sc 18 in round
3: sc 2, ch 4, count 4 st and re-attach, sc 4, ch 4, count 4 and re-attach, sc 2
4: 18 sc
5: sc 2tog, sc 1 * 6 times
6: sc 12 * 2 times
7: sc 4, sc 2 tog * 2 times
8: sc 10
9: sc 3, sc2tog * 2 times
10: sc 8

join trim color

11-12: sc 8
13: sc2tog * 4 times
14: Slip stitch until hat is closed

Close and sew yarn into hat. If you want the hat to fold over, use the end of the main color to sew it in to place and hold it down.

Hat, bottom trim:
Join at original starting area
1: sc 18 (If making the hat for a unicorn, sc 8, chain 2 and re-attach 2 st later, sc 8)

Depending on the yarn you're using for trim, you may want to add another row of 18. With Bernat Pipsqueak, I do.


1: ch 25
2: ch 1, turn, dc 25
3: ch 1, turn, ch 6 and reattach at end of 6th st, sc 19
Finish and sew ends in

(The scarf works to stay in place by the opposite end looping through the loop created by the chaining, as seen in the picture below)

Scarf Trim on both sides

Attach at end of scarf
1: sc 4
2: ch 1, turn, sc 4
cut and sew in ends

Repeat for other end of scarf

Front boots:

1: magic loop sc 9
2-4: sc 9 in outer loop
cut and sew in ends

Back boots:
1: magic loop sc 10
2-4: sc 10 in outer loop
cut and sew in ends

If you are interested in this outfit, but do not know how to crochet, Panda and I will be selling these outfits for 15.00 as a set, or 5.00 for either a set of booties, a scarf or a hat. Please contact me at if you are interested. The current colors I have in stock may fluctuate, but right now I have ...

Shimmer Yarn in the colors Hot Pink, Purple, Red and Turquoise for the main color.

Buttercup in White Coral, Bernat Pipsqueak in Whitey White and Funny Bunny, and Bernat Boa in Chick for the contrasting colors.

Please remember I am not guaranteeing I can make one for you, if demand turns out to be a little too high.