December 22, 2011

The world must be ending - Panda is posting!

I bet you came here to check out Xanthe's amazing minis/blind bags/patterns and everything else in the world (because she is great, you know).  Sucka.  You're stuck with me for the moment. 

I know - you're probably a little bummed, but hey - I'm not so bad. Xanthe has poked and prodded me to post on what is supposed to be our MUTUAL blog for patterns, crafts, arts and other awesome crap... so here I am!

I'm working on a few crochet patterns -- and I have a really easy one that would be great for beginners or people who want to make a quick scarf for someone.  :)   I'm going to try to go into different, bolder directions and make ones that have a more obviously Poni flavor to them, but this one starts out as a Packers one for my friend.

It's really simple -- pick out two yarns (I used worsted weight myself, and I think that bulky would look really nice and classy, too) that you would like to use. 

I used:
Vanna's Choice:  Mustard   and   Premier yarns: Dream:  Balsam

Hook size:  I used the blue hook... which is called...H.  (I know my hooks by color)
Pattern itself?  Super easy:


ch = chain
dc = double crochet

Step 1
:     Ch 23 (or as wide as you want it +3), dc in the 4th ch from the hook; dc across (should be 20)
Step 2:     Ch2, turn, dc across.   <--- Do this 8 more times.
Step 3:     Switch colors of yarn.  (There are several tutorials on youtube or the internet in general.  I'll link to a couple if necessary)
(I personally made mine to have 21 blocks total, but hey - it's your scarf.  Do what you want.)
Step 4:     The last thing I did was cut 40 pieces of yarn and made a fringe.  I personally put one of each color and just put the hook through a dc, pulled both pieces (in the middle) through and made a knot with the hook.  :)

I'll add some pics, but I thought I'd get this up before I forgot. (I'm kind of prone to that)

Also - let me know if this sounds super confusing or lame or whatever.  I'm new to writing patterns that need more than just ME to understand.  Tak!


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