August 20, 2011

My Little Pony Custom Blind Bag: Derpy Hooves, Mailfilly

Derpy Hooves was a hard one. She presented me with a problem.

See, I had acquired a lot of ponies from a generous brony (<3 LOVE TO COMETTAIL), and found myself with a lot of Pinkie Pies. Since I began to customize them, I wondered exactly HOW FAR I could go with a blind bag. So, I made Derpy.

As you see above, Derpy started as a Pinkie Pie. Using an exacto knife I whittled down her mane and tail, then built them up with Pro-create, as you see above. Since Pinkie Pie has only one ear, I had to find a solution. I ended up giving her a postal worker hat.

Derpy is still for sale on Ebay - one day left!

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