August 20, 2011

My Little Pony Custom Blind Bag: Princess Luna, and bonus! Princess Celestia!

Hello everyone!

This baby is a project I've been working on and nursing for a while. I had to stay up until about 3am to finally finish her, but after weeks, she's done!

Princess Luna was originally a Twilight Sparkle. I've seen many customized from Rainbow Dash, but after review, Rainbow Dash's hair is nowhere near Luna's. So with this in mind I started on Twilight. This required no paring down, but lots of pro-create. She was heavily modified with shoes, a fixed tail cap so it curls like Luna's, completely new hair, an elongated horn, a necklace, crown, and wings. One of the reasons she sat around for so long is she's so DAUNTING.

But after so much work, I buckled down and finished her.

Same as the others she was painted with acrylics - many, many, many layers. A glittery varnish was used on her shoes, necklace, crown and horn to make it the show, they do!

Now, when McDonald's had the Happy Meal toys back in February, I bought a full set from my former co-workers at McDs. On impulse one day I bought about 6 Celestias, thinking "Oh, well, I'll customize them for people!". And I still hadn't. It occurred to me that she is the perfect size to be of scale to blind bag ponies!

Unfortunately, the pictures don't do her justice. She was brushed with a white metallic paint after the base white paint, and it shows up horribly on camera but - again - looks good in person.

Celestia is for sale HERE, and Luna is for sale HERE.

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  1. so your working on a blind bag celestia? if so more power to ya!
    (i just relized... im the first person to join and comment :D