August 24, 2011

Puffcloud Custom Blind Bag - Part 2

Okay! On to part two.

Bare with me on this portion, guys! This is a hard part to make any sort of a tutorial about.

Last time, we pared down the plastic to make room for some sculpting. There are many kinds you can use. Personally, I like to use Grey Stuff for the modifications.

The top name brand of Grey Stuff is pro-create, but any two-part epoxy putty will do - Apoxie Sculpt, Green Stuff, Brown Stuff. They all have different properties, but I will go into that in a separate post!

When using epoxy putty, you will only have a certain amount of time to work with it...this varies depending on the mix you've created and what you are using.

To sculpt, you will need your fingers to be moist. Water will do fine, some people prefer vaseline!

After reviewing Puffcloud's character picture, I decided to try using the extra Lily Blossom wings I had from making Lyra! Since I had to destroy Twilight's mane on this side of the body, I used the grey-stuff for her mane to help support the wings.

At this point, I'm not worried if things look rough. After the putty sets and hardens, it can be filed down. But it's best to try and make parts as thin as possible near the seams - by wetting your fingers and stroking in one direction, you can easily thin out putty.

I then patched up the area on top of Puffcloud's hair, and begin to build up her hairstyle.

I smoothed up the design, working off of the pictures, and let the rest set to dry!

Again, don't worry about how rough things look at the start - there's lot of work to be done!

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