September 17, 2011

Gold Standard - Start to finish!

Well, I've been over my desk all day but finished my outstanding projects. :)

Say hello to Gold Standard:

Oh...that's not right. That's what she started out as.

Let's see...

Aah. Now we're getting there!

Close. SO CLOSE.

There she is!

Gold Standard is the second winner in the contest I ran for a custom Blind Bag pony. It's taken me longer than I wanted to finish them, but they're both ready to go to their new homes now.

Also, a tip: more modification = harder time painting...especially when you're dealing with light colors. This girl was a real pain, but she was very well worth it!

Also, check this out:

That is one killer base. Panda helped me find what we needed for it! It's a giant gemstone...fitting with the theme of the character.

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