September 18, 2011

A Quick Aside

Hi there everyone,

This is un-related to my blind bags, but a quick update on a few side projects.

Firstly, I'd like to pimp Gamemaster's Kip/Gamemaster Kevin. I've been doing some artwork for his Personae Malevolent for a while now, and just did one of Obould Many-Arrows. Panda also has done artwork for his PMs - I encourage you to check him out HERE.

Nextly, I've been doing some amigurumi work on the side and trying to come up with a small pattern for ponies. Would anyone be interested in my posting it once I perfect it?
This Fluttershy was the first completed one, and I sewed her together kind of like a gummy bear.

Number two was a Rarity -

I sewed her together in a sitting position,and managed to figure out how to make her hair curled while still yarn!

Which design do you like more?

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